Anyone in the market for a new mattress should be sure to check out the original Purple bed. This mattress remains very popular with consumers today, and its construction helps to explain why. The manufacturer chose to turn the way mattress construction is viewed upside-down, and all mattresses offered by this manufacturer come with the company’s smart comfort grid. Why is of importance and how does it ensure a better night’s rest?

The Smart Comfort Grid

Hidden beneath the top layer of knit fabric, this mattress contains a hyper-elastic polymer layer. This layer allows the sleeping surface to offer many of the benefits associated with memory foam mattresses while eliminating the drawbacks. Users find they are easily able to get comfortable on the mattress, it offers the support they desire, and motion isolation isn’t an issue. Couples greatly appreciate this, as the movements of one partner can easily disrupt the sleep of the other.

The Benefits

The smart comfort grid helps to minimize pressure points, allowing the user to get a better night’s sleep. This is true whether the individual chooses to sleep on his or her back, stomach, or side. The bed still offers the same level of relief. The open grid design ensures users stay comfortable throughout the night as it is temperature neutral and allows for maximum airflow. This was a problem with memory foam mattresses in the past but no more. Furthermore, this mattress is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and made in the USA, so users can buy with confidence knowing they are doing something good for their health.

The company responsible for the original Purple bed didn’t stop there, however. They continue to find new ways to improve on their offerings and recently introduced the new Purple mattress. This model is actually an innerspring that comes with a pocketed coil structure. However, this does not mean they chose to get rid of the smart comfort grid they have become known for. Buyers will find this is present in the new offerings just as it was in the original. Go Here to learn more about the original mattress and the new models to determine which is right for your needs.

Why People Love the Original Purple Mattress